This regional group of setter fanciers was officially established in November of 1994. Not an
independent club, it is actually an "area committee" of the Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc. As
such the MVGSC may hold AKC events after obtaining permission through GSCA. The region covered
includes Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. There are approximately 35 household
memberships, one of which is Honorary. There is a viable Constitution in place, as well as a
comprehensive set of ByLaws, which both follow AKC recomm, Treasurer and three members, who
are all elected for one year terms at the annual meeting. Meetings are held in each quarter of the
calendar year in the greater Omaha area, the fourth one being designated aendations. Each year the
MVGSC purchases a liability insurance policy, also recommended by AKC and required by GSCA, to
cover all club events. The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretarys the
annual meeting. The club publishes a quarterly newsletter, which keeps the membership informed
of meetings and events. MVGSC has rescue policies in place, following the guidelines set up by the
GSCA Rescue Committee, and has so far rescued 18 Gordons in need. Constant contact with other
GSCA Rescue groups is maintained and there is tremendous cooperation between these groups.

Events held so far include: a Sanctioned Hunting Test in October of 1995, which was required by
GSCA before permission would be granted to hold AKC tests; we now hold two, two-day, hunt tests
annually in May and September; three supported entries at Nebraska Kennel Club shows in
November of 1995, 1996, and 1997; an All Setter Fun Match in July of 1997; representation of
Gordons at the Scottish Highland Games in Kansas City, MO, in June of 1998; and an Obedience
Match for members in July of 1998. The MVGSC has also represented all setter breeds in three
public education expositions sponsored by Nebraska Kennel Club in 1995, 1996 and 1997.
Missouri Valley Gordon Setter Club